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You are invited to grow with us in the Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC)! This is a wonderful opportunity to grow along with other growers. The SAFC is all about collaboration, seeing and sharing different methods and techniques, comparing different lights and media, asking questions and learning from each other! Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love for you to grow with us in the SAFC!

Grow Your Own, But Don’t Grow Alone… Let’s Grow Together!

What is the Spring Auto Flower Challenge?

The SAFC is not a competition, it is a collaboration! We welcome growers of all skill levels to germinate on the same day and to collaborate and share throughout the grow in our forum. There are no requirements to participate. All growers are welcome to join.

For new growers, there will be many opportunities to get advice and follow the lead of proven growers. For experienced growers, it is a wonderful opportunity to pass along what you have learned and to show off your skills. For all growers, the community is here to support your success.

We hope that you will keep a journal of your grow in the SAFC Grow Journal forum and we hope you will enjoy being part of our community of growers. That’s it! There is no catch!

You can use any media, lights, training techniques, nutrients, etc. Comparing different strategies and gear is really a big part of the fun!

For this challenge, we are going to try to match strains and grow at the same time! We have chosen 4 official strains and we arranged an awesome discount deal with the London Seed Centre so we can all get the seeds for 25% off and free shipping!

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Germination Date: April 20, 2019

Not only is it 4/20, but it is the day before Easter and the middle of Spring. What a great time to bring new cannabis plants to life!

The Same Strains at the Same Time!

We plan to grow the same strains at the same time! We chose four amazing auto flowering strains from the renowned breeder Dutch Passion and have declared them to be the official strains of the 2019 SAFC! It is not mandatory, but we encourage all participants to include 2, 3, or all 4 of these strains in your SAFC grow! The strains we chose are all 10-11 week auto flower strains, which means we will be harvesting in early July.

We are excited to grow the same strains, but we also know that not every grower has the same tastes. Therefore, we chose a variety of indicas and sativas with different characteristics. Each strain has something unique to offer and I hope that there is something here for everyone. I plan to grow one of each strain and I think that it will be a lot of fun to mix and match strains with different growers.

To make it easier for us to all grow the same strains, we have arranged a special deal with the London Seed Centre. All SAFC participants can get 25% off the official strains, free delivery for all SAFC orders and more!

Read about the Special SAFC Discount with the London Seed Centre below!

The Four Official SAFC Strains:

Auto Glueberry OG

Auto Glueberry OG is a hard-hitting resin-dripping sativa-dominant hybrid that is sure to please. Bred from Gorilla Glue, OG, and Blueberry Auto, this is a potent and large yielding strain. Auto Glueberry OG has a sweet taste with fruity blueberry tones and hints of diesel.

Think Different

Think Different is a sativa dominant auto flowering strain related to AK47. She produces large harvests of potent buds, even for first time growers. She is recommended as a perfect strain for beginners because she is a forgiving plant that will tolerate a lot. New growers can produce large yields with ease, and experienced growers can yield over 300 grams per plant. This has led her to become a best seller just one year after she was released. It is perfect for beginners and the London Seed Center suggests that experienced growers really should try growing her at least once.

Colorado Cookies

Auto Colorado Cookies is strong indica dominant Autoflower with roots in Colorado! She is a cross of Auto Blueberry and a Girl Scout Cookie cutting from Colorado. She is an amazing combination of taste, aroma, potency and yield. She will give you a heavy indica stone with a sweet tropical taste. This is an ideal strain to relax with at the end of the day.

Auto Night Queen

Auto Night Queen is a strong and highly resinous indica. She is a Kush and is known for her sticky harvests. With THC levels over 20%, the London Seed Centre says that this is one of the most potent autoflowers they have seen! She is a cup winning strain, earning 1st place in the 2015 Champions Cup in Malaga. She delivers “an unusually heavy and long-lasting effect which is popular with medical and recreational users”. As her name suggests, Night Queen will help you to sleep.

Special SAFC discount from The London Seed Centre

To encourage everyone to grow the same strains, we have arranged an awesome deal with the London Seed Centre just for the SAFC!

As part of the SAFC special seed discount, you will get:
  • 25% off the four official SAFC strains!
  • 10% off anything else you order at the same time! With Code SAFC19
  • Free shipping on all SAFC orders to all growers worldwide!
  • Freebie seeds with every order!
To get the SAFC special seed discount:
  • You must purchase at least two 3-seed packs of the official SAFC strains.
  • Click on the banners or any links here to open the Special SAFC page at the London Seed Centre. The Official SAFC Strains are all on that page and the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
  • BONUS: Get 10% off the rest of your order with code: SAFC 19
  • Note: Unfortunately, the London Seed Centre does not currently accept USA credit or debit cards. US customers can pay with Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or Cash/check. Contact the London Seed Center for more information.

Visit: The London Seed Centre for the SAFC Discount

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