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It is always a pleasure to chat with Shane about growing cannabis. We have recorded several episodes and the first four are now released! Stay tuned for more!!!

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New Episode!

Germination and Transplanting

In the latest episode, Shane and I talk about the best practices for germinating cannabis seeds and transplanting cannabis seedlings. If you are thinking about starting your plants in final containers, be sure to listen to this episode first!


In anticipation of the New Year's Grow Challenge, Shane talked with me (@dr-coco) and three of our other NYGC growers and members of the Cocoforcannabis Community! Listen to @nakedgardener , @californiakid , and @chefomj discuss their experience, their grow set-ups, and why they want to grow in the New Year's Grow Challenge!

Thanks Shane, this was a lot of fun to do and even more fun to listen to! Best episode ever!!!

In the first episode Shane and I recorded, we cover many of the reasons that I love to grow in coco - and the benefits it offers to plants and to growers!

In episode 2, We answer some of the questions that users asked after the first episode was released. We focus primarily on how to use Organic Nutrients when growing in Coco.