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Topping Cannabis Plants: Why, When & How

Topping is a central and fundamental plant training practice, which enables you to train your plants to grow horizontally and make the most efficient use…

Principles of Fertigation Feed Water Cannabis in Coco
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Principles of Fertigation: Feed and Water Cannabis in Coco

Fertigation is adding fertilizers to the irrigation water. It is the way that we deliver both water and nutrients to the plants. A tremendous amount…

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Cannabis Light Cycle Fundamentals: 24/0, 18/6 and 12/12

Which light cycle is best for vegetative growth, is an often-debated topic. Here we review the basics and explain why we prefer an 18/6 light…

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The Best Environment For Growing Cannabis

The environment conditions we grow our plants in, has a large impact on their efficiency, morphology and health. Here we will go over several environment…

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How to Keep Grow Tent Walls From Sucking In

Help! My tent walls are sucking in! We have a simple solution for this common problem! Build a Bracing Frame and increase the effective size…

DIY Automatic Watering system
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DIY Automatic Watering System for Indoor Cannabis

Setting up an indoor automatic watering system for your cannabis grow is not as difficult as you might think. There are relatively expensive kits available,…

Drippers installed in one plant
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How to Manage Automatic Watering Systems

Setting up an Automatic Watering System is an excellent idea to help you to fertigate most efficiently. We have are complete plans and instructions to…

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Cannabinoids & The Brain

Cannabinoids are the psychoactive chemicals which create the euphoric properties we experience when we inhale or consume the resinous substances found in the female cannabis…

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Why You Should Train Cannabis Plants

Plant training refers to techniques that are used to manipulate the shape and growth of your plants. These range from Low-Stress training, which simply bends…

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Cannabis Fertilizers, Supplements, and pH

This article is an introduction to cannabis fertilizers, supplements and pH. It is important to understand the role that fertilizers play in plant growth. I…