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Dr. Coco & Dr. Photon cover all topics related to growing cannabis, with a focus on growing cannabis in coco coir.

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Set-up & Grow System
Environment: Air & Climate
Media & Containers
Growing Practices
  • Cannabinoids & the Brain
    • Coming Soon
    • Cannabis Seeds and Clones
    • Cannabis Sex: Female vs Male Plants
    • Photo-Period and Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants
  • Coming Soon
  • Does Defoliation Produce Better Harvests?
  • Should You Alternate Plain Water with Nutrient Solution?
  • What Causes "Nutrient Burn"
The Great Controversies
  • Coming Soon
  • Which are Better, Autos or Photos?
  • Which are Better, Seeds or Clones?
  • Is There Any Benefit to Extending the Darkness Before Harvest?
  • Is There Any Benefit to "The Final Flush"
  • Does Cannabis Come Under the Influence of the Moon?


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