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We understand how difficult it can be to know what specific products are well suited for cannabis cultivation. We offer this guide to help you understand what grow equipment you need and what specific products will work best for growing marijuana.

The majority of these are the actual products that we chose to purchase and use ourselves. In a few cases, we recommend products that we would buy if we needed them. We do not accept advertising and will not recommend any product that we would not buy for ourselves.

We give priority to your interests and try to find the best values. There are some places where you need to spend money, but we also know where you can save. Our goal is to recommend products that will work properly and are cost effective.

Harvest & Curing Supplies


Jiusion 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope

Carson MicroBrite Pocket Microscope

You need to use magnification to see the trichomes on your ripening plants In order be able to determine the ideal time to harvest.

I (Dr. Photon) have tried many jewelers loupes for passive magnification. I have found that passive magnification requires high quality and expensive lenses to be effective for trichome examination. Cheap lenses are widely available, but largely useless.

Dr. Photon uses and recommends this digital USB microscope (pictured above). It displays images on a computer screen and you can save the images for easy comparison as plants progress.

Dr. Coco uses an optical microscope that requires looking through a lens rather than having the image displayed on a screen. With 60x to 120x magnification, it does an excellent job zooming in on the trichomes, but you cannot photograph them.

Trimming Snips

Sago Brothers Bonsai Pruning Scissors

These pruning scissors are an excellent option for trimming your cannabis harvest. They spring open, which saves effort, and they have fine points for precise cuts. They are easy to clean by using one pair to scrape off the other, and of course you can enjoy those “scissor scrapings” as bowl toppers while you trim.

This hygrometer is unmatched in accuracy for both grow phase and drying/curing measurement. Dr. Coco and Dr. Photon both use this hygrometer. It is  particularly useful for curing because it can easily fit inside the jar with your buds. Unlike cheap analog or digital hygrometers, you can be confident that the Caliber IV is giving you an accurate reading. In order to maintain your precious harvest in the best relative humidity and temperature range for curing. You do not need one for every jar. You can make one work, but two or three will make curing easier.

The Caliber IV is also perfect for placing inside humidity domes during the early seedling stages.

Mason Jars

Ball Quart Jar, Wide Mouth, Set of 24

Wide-mouth quart sized jars are the perfect option for curing your buds. They are often, but not always, less expensive to buy locally.

I (Dr. Coco), have purchased this exact set of 24 jars


Ohaus ABSCL Compact Scale

I wanted a good way to accurately measure and split up my harvest. There are many options in the hundreds of dollars, and there are cheap kitchen scales, I wanted something in the middle! Our community member @Rosettastoned recommended this Ohaus Scale and I purchased it for myself (Dr Coco). It is accurate to the tenth of a gram and easy to use. I really like and recommend it!

Smoking, Vaping & Eating


Golden Bell 4 Piece Dry Herb Grinder

When preparing your buds for smoking or vaping, we recommend using a grinder. This is true whether you are rolling joints, using a bong or pipe, or vaping your buds. Grinding the bud first ensures a more complete burn or vape. Dr. Coco uses and recommends this Golden Bell Grinder.


Vaporizers are best purchased locally due to laws regarding their sale. We recommend high powered models that plug into the wall, rather than battery operated portable units.


Most of what you need to make cannabutter hopefully is already in your kitchen! There are a couple of products though that you may need to get.


Regency Natural  Cotton Cheesecloth 

Cheesecloth is used for straining the hot infused butter from the plant material. You can run several batches of cannabutter with this much cheesecloth. It should be double or triple layered when you pour the hot butter through it.

Silicone Oven Mitt

Silicone BBQ Gloves

You may already have these, if not, get them before making cannabutter. When you get the butter in the cheese cloth there is no better way to squeeze out the extra butter. It is far too hot to do it with your bare hands and any other type of pot holder will absorb the butter.

Photo/Video Equipment

This is so cool! I (Dr. Coco) have it and am still surprised that it is not much more expensive! It is a small security camera that links to your cell phone. You can open the app on your phone and look in on your plants anytime and anywhere! You can pan the camera left, right, up, and down by swiping your finger on the phone screen. It compensates well for the bright grow room lights and it even offers night vision to see the plants during the dark cycle. Dr. Photon assures us that the infrared night vision will not affect the plants flowering cycle.

I (Dr. Coco) use this webcam inside my tent for monitoring my plants and for taking pictures to create time-lapse GIFs. I admit that I sometimes just sit and watch my plants on my computer. I have tried many different webcam models and this one is the best that I have found at producing quality images under grow light conditions.

In order to connect this webcam to my computer, I use this 16’ long USB powered extension

Webcam Mounts

If you want to install a webcam in your tent, there are two cool products to consider. I (Dr. Coco), use them both!

SmallRig Cool Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount

For making time-lapses, the best option is this “SmallRig mount”. It will grab any support bar in your tent and lock into position. The arm swivels at two joints and tightens with a single knob. You can angle you camera in any direction from practically any point inside the tent and lock it in place throughout the grow.

25 inch Flexible Jaw Long Arm Swivel Clamp Clip Mount 

If you prefer to adjust the camera during the grow in order to keep a close eye on your plants then this flexible mount is an excellent idea! You can use it to manipulate the camera into an position and move from close ups to whole tent shots by re-positioning the arm. I use this mount to set the camera into position in order to see plants respond to supercropping, or any time a plant looks like she needs attention!


Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR

Most of the photography on Cocoforcannabis.com is shot by Dr. Coco using a Nikon D5500 DSLR. It is an excellent all around DSLR.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Putting this here, because I (Dr. Coco) was asked! This is the microphone I use to record the audio for our YouTube videos and website.

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