Equipment & Products Guide

We understand how difficult it can be to know what specific products are well suited for cannabis cultivation. We offer this guide to help you understand what you need and what specific products will work.

The majority of the products that we recommend are the actual products that we chose to purchase and use ourselves. In a few cases, we recommend products that we would buy if we needed them. We do not accept advertising and will not recommend any product that we would not buy for ourselves.

We give priority to your interests and try to find the best values. There are some places where you need to spend money, but we also know where you can save. Our goal is to recommend products that will work properly and are cost effective.

About Our Product Recommendations

At Coco for Cannabis, our mission is to help growers maximize the success of their cannabis crops by providing scientifically accurate information and sharing proven growing practices. We offer this guide as a resource to growers.

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Whether we receive a referral does not influence our recommendations. For example, when products are cheaper to buy locally, we’ll tell you that rather than just recommend a more expensive online option.


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