Flushing in soil  

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Hey there @chefomj! So I was going to do dr-cocos method for flushing, but my one plant is in more dirt than coco. And now I've put gnat Nix on the soil so I can't tell when I need to water it anymore! Idk if your familiar with gnat Nix it's just a top dressing, I tried digging through it to feel the soil and ended up mixing it up .

Anyways I was gonna use florakleen and water it twice a day until I have a run off of 200 EC and keep it there for 4 days while still watering it everyday .is this an ok practice in soil? I don't know if root rot will be a problem so close to the end! 

How do you do your flushes in soil? 

Posted : 11/01/2019 3:17 pm
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